1.1: Biology of Life

1.1: Biology of Life

Author: Jennifer Fermin
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Introduction to Psychology

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Biology is the study of LIFE! 

Tutorial Outline

1. vodcast- watch

2. vodcast guided notes- do- you can print these or handwrite on your own paper

3. vocast quiz- take

4. assignment- read "what is life"

5. Vocabulary- define 

ALL assignments will stay together in your binder

Source: Fermin

The Characteristics of Life

Source: Fermin

1.1 Guided Notes

print or hand write. Keep in your binder

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Source: Fermin

What is Life?

Please Read the following article. Be prepared to discuss in class.

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Source: thinkquest.org


Know these terms- define and use in a sentence- keep in your binder

  • homeostasis
  • asexual
  • characteristic
  • evolve

Source: Fermin and Bio Book