1.1: Graphs of Equations

1.1: Graphs of Equations

Author: Chris Melograna

After watching this video, students will be able to:


  • graph any equation by using an x-y chart
  • Find the x and y intercepts for any equation
  • Find the standard form of the equation of a circle

After viewing this video, the classwork assignment will be on pages 9-10/ 9- 19(odd), 57-63 (odd), 66, 69

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Notesheet for 1.1: Graphs of Equations

Please takes on this handout when watching the video on 1.1: Graphs of Equations

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1.1: Graphs of Equations

Please take notes on the provided notesheet from this video and when done viewing the video, please complete the attached google doc listed below.

Google form for 1.1

Classwork assignment

P. 9-10/ 9-19 (odd), 57-63 (odd), 66, 69