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11 Hooks to Use in Your Essay or Paper

11 Hooks to Use in Your Essay or Paper

Author: Tia Moreen

When drafting your essay, you are not limited to expressing your creativity and arguments because it is your obligation to make your article as enjoyable as possible. As a writer, the main aim is to grab your audience's attention as you write for them. One way of achieving that is by using certain types of hooks for essays, which are an effective tool for essay writing.
A hook is a declaration you begin your paper or essay with that engages your targeted readers. Mostly it is a single statement or group of them that tend to draw the audience's attention to reading your paper or an essay. It sparks the audience's curiosity. Everyone will want to read your work to wonder what will happen later. Besides, a hook is a crucial way to make your essay stand out.
Below are the top 11 essay hooks that will make your audience want to learn more about your content.
These essay hooks usually encourage you to use two ideas that don't go together. So you can get your audience's attention by including two contradicting ideas.
A short anecdote can be an ideal essay hook that aims to entertain your audience. A bit of your humor at the beginning of your first paragraph can attract the reader's attention even if you don't want your paragraph to be funny. You only need to focus on whether your paper does or doesn't contain the first-person narration. A significant number of anecdotes are told in the first person.
Literary Quotes
Literary quotes hooks have some magic effect that makes your audience read the paper until the end. As soon as they find that the author's name is famous, they will want to learn what they thought about one thing or another. This type of hooks is especially popular among essay writers from professional writing services like
To write this kind of essay hook, you need to select a topic, do some research on a quote that is attractive to you and add your essay.
Personal Experience
You can feel free to add a brief, catchy life experience pertinent to the subject you are writing about and something you want your audience to know, as it can be among the essay types of hooks.
If you aren't sure what you will write as a hook, you may come up with a story. This approach is mostly used in adverts and campaign promotions since it makes your audience think about a particular event in a global test. The paper or essay will serve as an extended bottom-line of the story you tell.
Telling a story will not fit in one introduction sentence; therefore, you need to ensure you are given space to use a situational case in your essay. Besides, telling a story is a flexible, universal hack that is for various emotional backgrounds.
Final Thoughts
Essay writing techniques such as adding an intriguing hook is usually helpful when drafting your paper or article. In fact, essay hooks are psychological elements that keep the audience active and ready to perceive details.
You may use several hooks when giving out a speech to keep a self-motivated interaction with your listeners. You can use hooks when narrating a story to ensure that no one sleeps.

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