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1.1 - Spanish Greetings and Leave-Taking (Saludos y Despedidas)

1.1 - Spanish Greetings and Leave-Taking (Saludos y Despedidas)


Students will be able to participate in a short polite introductory conversation, in a formal or informal setting, using  single words or memorized phrases .

Learning Targets:

I can say hello to someone using at least 3 different forms of greetings.

I can tell how I am when asked using at least three expressions.

I can tell someone my name.

I can ask a person my age or younger their name and how they are.

I can ask an adult their name and how they are.

I can say goodbye to someone using at least three different forms of leave-taking.

I can refer to a person with their appropriate title.


I can express the difference in culture pertaining to how we greet in the USA and how Hispanics normally greet each other as it relates to one's "personal space."

In this tutorial, you will be learn a few ways to greet, say goodbye, exchange names and ask how someone is depending on weather you are talking to someone your age or younger, informal setting, or to an adult or someone you respect, formal setting.

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Take notes!


1. You need to take notes of all the vocabulary and their meanings as well as any other concept or culture taught in the videos.

2. You can stop and rewind anything you need to as many times as you need to. Isn't that great?

3. Also make sure to write down any questions you might encounter along the way.

4. Make sure you read the lesson objective and learning targets so you know what I expect from you.

4. Your goal is NOT trying to understand every single word spoken or written in the videos, especially in the total Spanish video, so don't get frustrated.

Source: My Brain..

Greetings, how are you and leave-takings.

In this video you will learn vocabulary to enable you to greet, ask someone how they are and say goodbyes. These are all for an informal setting. Later you will learn the differences between a formal and informal setting.

Source: Spanish Wizzards on

Informal vs. Formal

In this video, recorded in Spanish, you will learn the differences or applications of the informal and the formal in greetings. Remember, your job is to try to get the core of the video and not every word. Use your vocabulary from previous video.The printable slide show for this video is below.

Source: Personal video created using Camtasia

To go with Informal vs. Informal video..

Since the video wasn't too clear, I 've included the slides in which the text is bigger. You can download it and print too!

Source: My personal slides made on PPT.