1.2: Scientific Method

1.2: Scientific Method

Author: Jennifer Fermin
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tutorial Outline


1. vodcast 1- watch

2. vodcast 1 questions- do-STAY IN BINDER

3. vodcast 2- watch

4. vodcast 2 questions- do-STAY IN BINDER

5. vodcast quiz- do

6. independent/dependent practice- do and TURN IN TO THE HOMEWORK BOX




Source: Fermin and Bio Book

Scientific Method: vodcast 1

Please watch and take NOTES. You must use the Cornell/interactive format and make sure to answer the quiz questions!

Source: Education Portal

Vodcast 1 questions

Full Screen

Source: Fermin

Independent vs. Dependent Variables-vodcast 2

vodcast 2 questions

Full Screen

Source: Fermin

Independent/Dependent variable practice

For each item below, specify the independent and dependent variables, as well as constants.


1. A study was done to find if different tire treads affect the braking distance of a car.

I: _________________ D: ___________________ C: __________________

2. The time it takes to run a mile depends on the person’s running speed.

I: ________________ D: ___________________ C: __________________

3. The height of bean plants depends on the amount of water they receive.

I: ________________ D: ___________________ C: __________________

4. The higher the temperature of the air in the oven, the faster a cake will bake.

I: ________________ D: ___________________ C: __________________

5. Lemon trees receiving the most water produced the most lemons.

I: ________________ D: ___________________ C: __________________ 

Source: Fermin