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1950's & Science Ficiton II (Short Stories- Concept 2)

1950's & Science Ficiton II (Short Stories- Concept 2)

Author: Nichole Carter

By the end of this tutorial you will know:

1. How communism and propaganda lead to the huge amounts of utopian/dystopian literature of the time period.  

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1950's & Science Fiction II

Source: created by Nichole Carter using power point and

1950's & Science Fiction

A brief historical context for science fiction utopian/dystopian short stories written during the 1950's. In order to understand the stories you must understand the time frame in which they were written.

Source: Create by Nichole Carter, power point


Source: Created by Nichole Carter, original idea Crystal Kirch

McCarthyism and The Crucible w/ Character Comparison

Source: youtube user RMSUkraine

Additional Websites and Resources

If you can find more articles and/or videos on the topic discussed in the main video tutorial today please share on edmodo!

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