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1950's & Science Fiction (Short Stories- Concept 1)

1950's & Science Fiction (Short Stories- Concept 1)

Author: Nichole Carter

At the end of this tutorial you will:

1. Understand the culture of the 1950's a little bit better, this will help you better understand the literature written during this time period. 

Understanding the time period of the 1950's will help us comprehend the stories we will read in this unit.

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1950's & Science Fiction

Source: Created by Nichole Carter using power point and

Slides to the above video: 1950's & Science Fiction

A brief historical context for science fiction utopian/dystopian short stories written during the 1950's. In order to understand the stories you must understand the time frame in which they were written.

Source: Create by Nichole Carter, power point.


Source: Created by Nichole Carter, original idea Crystal Kirch

Additional Video on 1950's

Source: IntoSchoolHist on Youtube

Kool Aid Commercial

Source: youtube user mark loudin

1950's Classic Commercial: ''Aunt Jemima Pancakes'' with Apple Rings

Source: youtube user MattTheSaiyan

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