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1.	Define A Structure And Identify Its Parts Providing A Syntax Example.

1. Define A Structure And Identify Its Parts Providing A Syntax Example.

Author: Robert Montan

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1. Define a structure and identify its parts providing a syntax example.
2. How is a structure initialized and accessed. Please provide a syntax example.
3. Define the keyword typedef and explain how it can be used?
4. What is a union and how can it be used?
5. Explain and provide an example of a bitwise operator.
Part 2:
Open your Visual Studio 2015 XenDesktop image, create a new project, and type the coding segments down below into the source file.  Run the program(s) (Debug > Start without debugging). 
1. Execute the following code and identify the errors in the program. Debug the program and provide the correct version of the code.

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