1st Declension Nouns

1st Declension Nouns

Author: Rachel Dowell
  • Identify nouns of the 1st declension
  • Decline 1st declension nouns

In this summary, I will show you how to identify 1st declension nouns (look for an -ae in the genitive singular!). I will also show you how to decline 1st declension nouns!

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1st Declension Noun Information

First Declension Noun Info

  • If you look up a first declension noun in the dictionary, it looks like this (pay attention to the bolded portion of the words):
  • femina, feminae, f.


First Declension Noun Gender

  • ​​1st declension nouns are almost always FEMININE!
  • There are a few 1st declension nouns that are masculine - they are always occupations! 
    • Examples of 1st declension masculine noun: 
      • nauta, nautae, f. (sailor)
      • agricola, agricolae, f. (farmer)
      • auriga, aurigae, f. (charioteer)
      • incola, incolae, f. (inhabitant)
      • pirata, piratae, f. (pirate)
      • scriba, scribae, f. (writer)
      • poeta, poetae, f. (poet)


First Declension Noun - Genitive Singular

  • A first declension noun has a nominative singular that ends in "a"
    • Ex: femina
  • ​​A first declension noun has a genitive singular that ends in "ae"
    • Ex: feminae