#2 - A bunch of punctuation marks:  Colon Care

#2 - A bunch of punctuation marks: Colon Care

Author: Janice Davis

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to identify the major uses for a colon, correct sentences with missing colons, and use sentences with colons in an original piece of writing.

If there were no bridge, could you cross a river?  If there were no dots, could you connect them?  What do these questions have in common?  Check out this video and complete the workset to learn more about how colon care is vital to the health of our country!

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Colon Care: A bridge to get across the great divide

Why can't this man cross the river? Because he doesn't have a colon! (Well, that would actually cause lots of other nasty problems as well.) Watch this funny video to learn how to use colons in your writing. Then, make sure you review the rules and complete the workset linked below.

Colon Care Workset (pp. 39-41)

There are many reasons you might need to print this workset: you forgot the papers at school (surely not); you just want an extra copy to see if your parents understand; or you just want to get ahead. Whatever your reason, you can download and print from this site if you need another copy.

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