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2:  Formative Assessments

2: Formative Assessments

Author: Emilee Brown

Participants will use technology and instructional materials to develop online formative assessments (quizzes, exit tickets, games, and quick exercises using Socrative) that relate to the standards.

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Let's look at a brief history of assessment!

Why do we need assessment?

Assessing students early is necessary to evaluate instruction and quickly check if student objectives are being met. Socrative enables teachers to quickly check student progress in a hands-on, interactive way .


Here is a short video showing how to create a quiz you can easily administer to your students.

Source: npsedtechfacilitator. (2013). Creating a socrative quiz [Web]. Retrieved from

Create your own quiz!

Now that you know how to create a quiz, try it out for yourself. Log in to your Socrative account and try creating a quiz. Post any questions or concerns you have in the Question & Answer section below.

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