20E: Cumulative Frequency

20E: Cumulative Frequency

Author: Pamela Odom
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Introduction to Psychology

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Slideshow Used in this Video

I have included a copy of the Power Point presentation I borrowed for this video. There are several graphs and tables, so it might be helpful (though not required) to print this out and use it for taking notes.

Source: Craig Barton and Mike Pye via TES Connect

Video Lesson

Source: Pamela Odom (using Sophia's screen recorder)

OYO Graph

Source: Haese and Harris

Video Check

Direct link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mfF3hQp4ZHIaFLyVbjtngEXZP4kJBH28hBllipDFUe4/viewform

Source: Pamela Odom (using Google Forms)