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21st Century Learning Theories

21st Century Learning Theories

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will review main theories that underlie learning in the 21st century.

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Notes on “21st Century Learning Theories”


(00:00-00:12) Introduction

(00:13-01:33) Constructivism

(01:34-02:39) Problem-Based Learning

(02:40-04:14) Cognitive Flexible Theory

(04:15-04:52) Social Learning Theory

(04:53-05:16) Networked Learning Theory

(05:17-05:37) Reflection

(05:38-05:56) Conclusion

Additional Resources

Learnist: Learning Theories 101 for the 21st Century Teacher

This site captures articles about and resources for 21st century learning theories. The intention of the Learnist board is to offer a clear overview of learning theories and how they apply to 21st century pedagogy.

Emerging Theories and the Role of Educational Technology

This site examines how learning theories connect to 21st century teaching and learning in a technology rich environment. In addition to the article on the main page by Shannon Doak, be certain to explore the links for other theories on the left-hand side of the page.

A Rich Seam: How Pedgagogies Find Deeper Learning

This white paper explores the intersection of pedagogical strategies, technologies, and systems to improve instruction. Of particular relevance are Chapter Three: The New Pedagogies - Deep Learning Tasks and Chapter Four:
The New Pedagogies - Digital Tools and Resources.