22CD: Theoretical Probability

22CD: Theoretical Probability

Author: Pamela Odom
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Introduction to Psychology

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Events to Know

For tomorrow:

Tomorrow we will begin working on the IAs.  Please bring your laptop, IA handouts, and information about your topic.  You should have some time to work.

Also, please go to TurnItIn to read my comments on your blog post.

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Before You Start

We're going to switch a few things around this week due to my absences.  Today (Tuesday), please work through all of the parts of this tutorial in class.  Follow the instructions on each part.

If you have questions, you can ask Ms. Timms for help.  Otherwise, make a note of anything you want to ask me about tomorrow.

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Step by Step

Step 1:  Correct yesterday's assignment.

Work in small groups.  Be sure that everyone understands how to solve each problem.  Mark anything you want to ask me about.

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Answers to 22AB Handout

Full Screen

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Step by Step

Step 2:  Video Lesson

Take notes and try the examples on your own, just like you would normally do on a homework video.  Then do the Video Check.

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Video Lesson

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Video Check


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Step by Step

Try It

Step 3:  Practice

Solve the following problems from your textbook.  You may ask each other for help if you get stuck.  Also, refer to the examples in lessons 22C and 22D.

HW #4/15:  22C.1 (3, 4, 6), 22C.2 (3), 22D (3)

Show how you solve each problem.

Due Friday (but you can hand it in today if you finish in class)

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