22K: Binomial Probability

22K: Binomial Probability

Author: Pamela Odom
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1)  Watch the video, in which I will continue our discussion from today's investigation.  I'll introduce the formula and conditions for binomial probability, along with two important calculator shortcuts and one extended example.

2)  The last 15 seconds of the video are cut off.  You'll find the On Your Own on the pdf below the video.

3)  (optional)  If you need to see another example, refer to the second pdf, which contains a lesson on Binomial Probability from an older edition of our textbook.  

4)  Complete the Video Check.

Source: Pamela Odom

Video Lesson

The last 15 seconds of this video are cut off. Please see below for the last slide and the On Your Own problem.

Source: Pamela Odom (using ActivInspire)

Video Slides

See page 3 for the On Your Own problem.

Full Screen

Source: Pamela Odom

Additional Examples

Full Screen

Source: Haese and Harris. Mathematics SL for the International Student. 2nd edition.

Video Check


Source: Pamela Odom (using Google Forms)