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2.5 Apply the Distributive Property

2.5 Apply the Distributive Property

Author: Brendan R

The point of this packet is for the person looking at this packet, to learn how to use the distributive property.

In this packet, there is a equation, a video, and a slideshow of the distributive property. In the equation, it will give you definitions and demonstrations of the problems. In the video, it will give you the basics on the distributive property. The slideshow includes of practice problems that will help you learn how to use the distributive property.

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Using the Distributive Property

Deffinition- The equation 3(x+2) = 3(x) + 3(2) illustrates the distributive property, which can be used to find the product of a number and a sum or difference.

Equation:      4(5+2)

Step 1:         Distribute 4 with the 5

Step 2:         Distribute 4 with the 2

Step 3:         So it will now look like this


Step4:          add

                    20+10 = 30

Answer:       =30


Terms- the parts of an expression that are added together

Coefficient- the number being multiplied to the variable

Constant Term- a term of an expression that only contains a number

Like Terms- terms that have the same variable and same power

Equation:       5x2 + 8y - 3 + 2x - 13x2

Terms- 5x2, 8y, 2x, -3, -13x2

Coefficients- 5, 8, 2, -13

Constant- -3

Like Terms- 5x2 , -13x2

Source: ClassZone

Distributive Property Video

Source: Youtube

Distributive Property Slide Show