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29 Spanish Alphabet

29 Spanish Alphabet


SWBAT learn the Spanish alphabet and its phonetic sounds in the target language.

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Introduction of the Spanish Alphabet

Nowadays, In the Spanish Alphabet currently there are 29 letters. However, two of these letters were removed in the 2000's and those letters were (CH and LL). Who made those changes in the Spanish Alphabet? The academic in charged of these changes is The Royal Spanish Academy "La Real Academia Española."  

Phonetic Sounds of the Spanish Alphabet

In this video students will be able to learn the pronunciation of the Spanish Alphabet followed by a military style song.

Spanish Alphabet

Students will sing along with the song the Spanish Alphabet.


These are some of the questions that will help the students to summary  their tutorial video. How many letters are in the Spanish Alphabet?, What are the letters in the Spanish alphabet that are not included in the English alphabet?, What’s the name of the academy that removed some of the Spanish letters from the Spanish Alphabet?, Where was the Spanish language created?, Are there some kind of similarity in the pronunciation with the English letters? Who was Miguel Cervantes and where he was born? When the Spaniards came to America? Who was the king and the queen who supported the expedition to America? What’s the name of the last Spanish writer who received the Nobel prize?