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3:  Data Analysis

3: Data Analysis

Author: Emilee Brown

Participants will use technology to print and analyze Socrative data reports for instructional guidance.

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Module 3 will show you how to retrieve your data from Socrative and then  allow you to break down data by using different categories.  The reason data is so important comes from our new trend in education and how our current students should be taught to become 21st century learners.  However, in order to become a 21st century learner, the teacher must have a data driven class, which means the teacher asks “What does this student need at this moment in order to be able to progress with this key content, and what do I need to do to make that happen?” (Jackson, 2013).



Source: Jackson, S. (2013). Using data to inform instruction and personalize learning. DreamBox Learning. Retrieved from Learning. Retrieved from

Data in Socrative

Before we can begin our module about analyzing the data, we have to understand how to retrieve the data from Socrative. 

Quiz Data in Socrative

Using socrative and obtaining data reports -  The video starts with the instructor explaining how to view students who have not completed the quiz, but you are still able to check their progress.  This is very important because you will have access to the students who might be struggling with the quiz during the actual quiz, which means you can take this time to help students one-on-one with certain areas or you can see when a student zips through the quiz with no effort. The end of the video shows how to export the results and this is great for student progress reports or information for the parent if they inquire about their child's grade.

While using the data to drive your classroom, students can also tell you what they have learned from the lesson or what they did not understand.  Below is a clip showing a possible screen you would see when using an exit ticket, which allows you to reflect on your lesson for the day.


Survey of Socrative Professional Development Course

Please take the following survey to provide feedback to the instructor about data and your perception of Socrative.

Discussion Board Reflection

In the Questions and Answer section below, discuss the following:

1. What have you observed about data from these lessons?

2. In what ways can you use data in your classroom?

3. What are the benefits of immediate data feedback?


Feel free to comment about other participants' responses.