#3 - Life is a Puzzling Thing:  Exploratory Research (pp. 94-95)

#3 - Life is a Puzzling Thing: Exploratory Research (pp. 94-95)

Author: Janice Davis

By the end of this lesson, each student will be able to:

  • write a quality claim about an issue in today's society (life).
  • conduct a mini-internet research to determine if the claim is suitable for research or not.
  • evaluate a list of claims to select the best one for a research project.

It's time to put that internet safety to use!  Today we worked on mini-research in class.  Tonight you will need to review this and finish the task of mini-researching 4 of your possible claim topics.  When you finish, you should have a great idea for which claim you most want to research for the full project.

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#3 - Selecting a topic (Exploratory Research)

This video will review what we did in class today as well as help you with your mini-research homework.

Mini-Research Organizer (pp. 94-95)

You did not forget your notes at school, did you? Shame on you! Well, you can download and start over again now. :(

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