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3 Little Pigs

3 Little Pigs

Author: Brenda Herrera

CA Standards

3rd Grade

RL.3.3. Reading: Literature

Objective: Describe the characters in the story, and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of the events.

Task: students will be able to identify the 3 little pigs different traits, motivations and feelings

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3 Little Pigs story

First, watch video and then get into small groups and discuss the 3 different characteristics of each little pig.

Go to the website below, and with a classmate read the 3 little pigs tale. After reading it, compare and contrast the motives of why do you think the 3 little pigs built their houses they way they did?

wrapping up!

For this video, get into groups of 3. Watch this video and create a question to share with your group. Create a friendly discussion with your group.

The big question

let's check for understanding

Click here for the "Big question"