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3 Presentation Tools

3 Presentation Tools

Author: Jeanne Mayo

Teachers completing this tutorial will be able to:

1. Use the basic features of three presentation tools:  Piktochart, Prezi, and Movie Maker

2. Identify the expectations for the teacher and students when using these tools.


Presenting information is an important skill.  Students demonstrate their content knowledge and hone skills that will help prepare them for higher education and/or the work place when presenting information.  After the completion of this course, teachers will be able to guide students in the basic use of Piktochart, Prezi, and MovieMaker as presentation tools.

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There are thousands of tools out there students and teachers use in their classrooms, yet only a handful have been approved by Carroll County Public Schools.   The three tools in this tutorial are approved.  To see more tools, request something be approved, or  to read about the issues involved you can visit The Instructional Technology Website. One of the later sections in this module will demonstrate the Instructional Technology Website.




Once you have completed the 3 Presentation Tools Tutorial take the quiz to the right and fill out the Professional Module Reflection Form. You will then move on to complete the Introduction to the Instructional Technology Website.



Piktochart is a tool that allows user to easily create infographics.

Before using the tool, we will  examine an example of an infographic titled:  13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics.  This will help you understand why this presentation format has grown in popularity. Once you have viewed this infographic, watch the video below.



Adding Graphics and Text with PiktoChart

A Basic Introduction on how to use Piktochart tools. To find more tutorials and videos visit the CCPS YouTube Page or the source page listed below the video.


  "Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that allows user to create dynamic, engaging presentations that use a “zoom-based” canvas." It is important to note that the Prezi is intended only for those who are at least 18 years old OR for students between the ages of 13 and 18  who have obtained the consent of their parent or guardian to use the Prezi Service. Not all of Liberty students returned the Web 2.0 permission slip. As a result you should communicate with parents to be sure their student has permission to use the tool before creating student accounts. You may adapt this letter that has been provided by the county.



Getting Started with Prezi

A quick get started how to guide.

Top Prezi Tips: Part 1

A short video with a few more options explained. To learn even more you can visit the cite source for more video tutorials.

Give Prezi a Try

Now try creating your own. First you will need to set up a free educator account. You must use your CCPS email address to be recognized as an educator. Sign up here.




Windows Movie Maker  is video-creating and video editing software that is part of Microsoft’s Windows Live. Windows Movie Maker may need to be installed on your Windows 7 computer. It is a free tool that is relatively easy to use.  If it is not on your computer, please place a Helpdesk call to have it  installed.

Getting to Know Windows MovieMaker

A short video demonstrating how Movie Maker works can be found at this here.

Source: Windows

MovieMaker Guide

The best way to learn movie maker is by opening the program and just playing with it. However if you would like a step by step guide the one found here  is extremely well written and helpful.

Source: Lipera, R. Interactvie Media Center, Albany University 2011

Tutorial Reflection

Please complete the Tutorial Reflection here before moving onto the next sections.

A Word About Copyright


You may only upload images, videos or music that are your own content onto Prezi and Piktochart, or if  not owned by you, that you have  permission to use from the copyright holder.  Images found from a Google search do not meet this criteria. There are sites such as Discovery Streaming that allow CCPS students to use the images/video clips etc..  for personal educational projects.  If you need help in finding or having your students find content that meets these requirements, please contact your friendly media specialist.


The Terms of Use for both Prezi and Piktochart clearly state that you must have permission or be the owner of the content that is uploaded. There is a bit more flexibility with MovieMaker as the students are not publishing anything on public servers.

You are responsible for teaching the skills of good digital citizenship. Please do not disregard copyright rules and terms of use agreements.  Use them as teachable moments and ask for assistance in this area if you need it.


Quiz Time

To double check your understanding of the most important elements in this tutorial, please take the quiz at the right top of the screen.