3.3 - Square Root Functions

3.3 - Square Root Functions

Author: Kyle Webb
  • Graph square root functions without a table of values and later confirm with at least three points from a table of values.
  • Find the domain and range of square root functions
  • Graph inequalities of square root functions using knowledge gained from graphing square root functions.

This packet will introduce square root functions and how they are graphically represented.

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Domain and Range

We also need to consider the domain and range of these functions.  

Recall that:

Domain is all the possible x values for a function.  (What is the furthest left value of the function? What is the furthest right value of the function?)

Range is all the possible y values for a functions.  (What is the highest (up) value of the function? What is the lowest (down) value of the function?)



For night 1 homework, this is all you need to watch.  Complete the OneNote file and leave a Q&A question.