3.5 - Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities

3.5 - Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities

Author: Kyle Webb
  • Solve a radical equation for a given variable
  • Identify extraneous solutions and know what do with them
  • Solve a radical inequality for a given variable


In the previous sections we have worked with radical expressions and have developed a better understanding of the properties of radicals.  Now, we will continue working with radicals to solve equations and inequalities.    


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Solving Radical Equations

Extraneous Solutions for Radical Equations

Radical Inequalities

When solving a radical inequality, we approach the problem the same way as we would for a radical equation.  What is the only difference?


Source: MICDS Integrated Mathematics 2 Notes

Bonus: Solving a Problem with a Radical Equation

You don't NEED to watch this, it is just additional information if you're interested in how these applications can be applied to Physics.