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3D Shapes- Cube

3D Shapes- Cube

Author: Faviola Smith

K.G.A.3 Identify shapes as two-dimensional (lying in a plane, "flat") or three-dimensional ("solid").

Objective: Learn about the 3D shape- Cube

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Cube is one of our five 3D Shapes!

Here are all of our 3D Shapes!

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Cubie the Ice Cube!


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Big Idea

A cube stacks and slides

Corners- 8

Sides- 6

Edges- 12

All of the sides of a cube are the same size! 

What you need to make your own cube!

You will need: 

12 toothpicks for the edges and 8 marshmallows for the corners. 

Source: "Marshmallow Learning." Meaningful Mama, Jodi Durr. 2012 Nov. 15. Retrieved from:


A cube can be dice, ice cubes, a box, a container, blocks, and so much more. A cube can be big or small, or it can be in different colors and material. A cube will always have the same size sides, with 8 corners, and 6 sides.