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3D technology in online Casino

3D technology in online Casino

Author: Peter Jackson

It has been standard in cinemas for many years and inspires visitors with realistic effects. We are talking about 3D technology. Meanwhile, technical Innovation has also found its way into private households. Not only films can now be watched on your own TV in 3D optics. Computer and console games can also be experienced in three-dimensional detail. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that the games have a 3D Option at all and that the player has the necessary accessories.

The 3D Trend has even arrived in gambling. Simple Slotmachines with a monotonous Design could soon be replaced by exciting Games that not only offer the Chance to win big, but are above all a real experience.

How does 3D technology work?

The digital file is edited with a special Filter that generates an image that appears blurred at first glance. But the blurry Pixels have their meaning: with the help of special 3D glasses, the visual appearance is sharpened again. The previously blurred image areas are now clearly visible and even come to the fore. Other elements remain in the Background and the viewer has the feeling to be part of the action.

New television and computer screens are usually always compatible with this technology. Especially modern devices can now create a 3D effect without the viewer having to wear 3D glasses. This novelty is also called "active 3D technology", but is not yet so widespread. Even cinema operators still rely on" passive 3D technology "with 3D glasses as an aid, even if the worldwide success" Avatar " in its continuation should actually turn this System around and pave the way for active 3D technology.

What do you have to imagine under a 3D Slot?

Some Casino operators are already following the new Trend and offer the various games partly in 3D mode. Not only a spatial effect is created, but the whole game concept is transformed. The providers know that their clientele is used to excellent graphical computer games. Now you want to transform this Feeling into the gambling world.

A 3D Slot of the future, for example, could lead the player into the underwater world, where a valuable pirate treasure must be hoisted. If the player succeeds in winning, a digital rain of coins could then pour over his head. Also, numerous interactive elements and optically more sophisticated game worlds can ensure that the Gambling the Slots more entertaining and varied than Playing in 2D Form.

That it has come so far at all can be attributed to the general Boom of online Casinos. A large share of the success story also Casino comparison sites, such as, for example, have contributed to The Portal Online Casinos24. They offer a great overview of playing in online Casinos and are on hand with a player with advice and assistance. Without having to test every Casino time-consuming (and above all with Financial use), you will find here simply many important topics about online Casinos such as experience, offers, bonuses or gaming possibilities. So you can quickly choose from many reputable providers on the basis of the leaderboard created by experts the Casino that appeals to you the most. In particular, the payment modalities and the seriousness of the operators are closely scrutinized. This can prevent a player from registering with a "black sheep", which pays the supposed Jackpot to the customer account, but later does not transfer it to the real money account.

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