3H:  e

3H: e

Author: Pamela Odom
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Introduction to Psychology

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3H e

Please work through the items in this tutorial in order.  Complete the Video Check below once you understand the concepts well.  Refer to lesson 3H in your textbook for more help.

PurpleMath has a very nice explanation about the number e.  This article discusses its significance, what we mean by "continuously compounded interest," and some example problems.  If you have questions, this will help.


Source: Pamela Odom

e video, part 1

Watch this first.

Source: Pamela Odom (using Sophia's screen recorder)

e is ...

More about e. Use the arrows to navigate.

Direct link: http://prezi.com/qgb52fvgiokm/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

Source: Pamela Odom (using Prezi)

e video, part 2

Watch this part last, after learning about "e" in the Prezi.
There's a mistake in the last example (around 5:00 minutes). Be sure to read the annotation bubble that pops up! The work is right, but the green part is wrong.

Source: Pamela Odom (using Sophia's screen recorder)

3H Video Check

Please answer these questions AFTER watching the video.

Source: Pamela Odom (using Google Forms)