3rd 9 weeks review

3rd 9 weeks review

Author: Caitlin Meador

1.  Students will be able to correctly complete all types of punnett squares.  

2.  Students will be able to describe the process of DNA replication.  

3.  Students will be able to describe and trace the process of Protein synthesis.  

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3rd quarter review

Students, please use the resources on this page as a means to help you study for your test this next week.  These are not mandatory, but they should help you prepare.  Please take advantage and as always, please contact me if you have any questions. 


Source: You Tube

DNA Fingerprinting

Source: You Tube

Stem Cells

Source: You Tube

Make a Karyotype

Source: Learn Genetics: Utah

Create a DNA fingerprint

Source: PBS: Nova

DNA Flashcards



Use these to review.  

Source: Quizlet.com

Modes of Inheritance Test



Practice questions for modes of inheritance

Source: Quizlet.com

Pedigree Online Practice

Source: Zero Bio.com

Karyotyping Mistakes Practice

Source: Biology Corner.com

Mutations Practice

Source: Glencoe Online

3rd Quarter Review Answer Key

Answer key for the 3rd quarter review.

Full Screen

Source: created by Ms. Meador and other science teachers