#4 - A bunch of punctuation marks review:  Grandma's Noodles

#4 - A bunch of punctuation marks review: Grandma's Noodles

Author: Janice Davis

At the end of this lesson, all students will be able to identify and use the following punctuation marks in a given story:  semicolon, colon, dash, hyphen, and parentheses.

Students will first study each type of punctuation in isolated lessons.  Then, a culminating experience will be this shared story, followed by editing the piece looking for the missing new punctuation skills. 

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Grandma's Noodles - Putting it all Together

Just like making a recipe of individual ingredients, adding specific punctuation is what makes an entire essay come together so your reader can enjoy the "deliciousness" of your story. Read along with Mrs. Davis about her grandmother's noodles. On your paper, add in all the missing punctuation marks.

Grandma's Noodles Handout

You can print a copy of this worksheet if you (Heaven forbid) forgot your copy at school.

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