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4 Reasons Why Students Don't Like School

4 Reasons Why Students Don't Like School

Author: Lily Black
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School is a very important part of our lives. Apart from teaching you the theoretical bits and pieces of life, you also learn how to become a human being. Here are the steps you should consider when you want to be the best in your class.

1. Take the Hardest Classes

For you to improve you need to work 110% every day. This way, you will make sure you constantly evolve, learn new things and you are not left behind by the pack.

The hardest classes will push your boundaries, you will be able to do things you never felt you are able to do. Apart from that, later, when you will take easier classes, everything will seem effortless.

2. Never Miss a Class

Consistency is the most important thing for success. Having short bursts of enthusiasm and extra work won’t make you a good student. You need to be there all the time. Don’t skip classes because you want to grab a coffee with your friends. Go to classes, take notes, and results will appear shortly.

3. Be Curious

A thing I’ve learned from my experiences is that curiosity is one of the most important things when trying to gather new information. I used to annoy my colleagues with the great number of questions I was asking, but, at the moment, I have more information than any of them.

If you have any doubts regarding a subject, start asking around. Your teacher is there for you, use him wisely.

4. Do Extra Assignments

You need to go for 110% every day, remember? Going the extra mile and
finishing one or two extra assignments is the perfect way of improving yourself. You might not get a better mark right away for the extra work but, at the end of the semester, that extra mile will turn into visible progress and you will evidentiate yourself from the pack.

5. Brainstorming Groups

You might have an idea, but you feel that is incomplete. Someone might have the same idea, but he can see it from a different point of view. Both of you create an exhaustive perspective on the idea.


Everyone wants to get better and better every day, especially students. College is the period where you need to give it all. Use these 5 tips and you will be able to improve yourself every day.


Lily Black is the teacher you were always looking up to. She got straight A’s during college and she’s very proud of this. She wrote a review of essay writing services and she liked it. Now, she turned her hobby into a real profession.