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4.1 Percent

4.1 Percent

Author: Tara Flanagan

Students will be able to:

  • Find the percent with given a part and whole
  • Find the part when given a percent and a whole
  • Find the whole when given a part and a percent
  • Apply percents to everyday applications such as sales tax and tip

Students will set up proportions to find percents, parts, or wholes.

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Lesson Instructions

Before coming to class please complete the following:

  1. Watch the lesson video
  2. Complete notes on Student Success Sheets (SSS)
  3. Submit your answers to video questions (posted below video)
  4. Come to class with at least one written question

4.1 Percent Video

Source: Created by Tara Flanagan, edited with Camtasia Studio

Video Comprenshion Check

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