4.1: Plotting Points in a Coordinate Plane

4.1: Plotting Points in a Coordinate Plane

Author: Conor D

To teach people the basics on Plotting Points on a coordinate plane

The vocabulary for the lesson is listed in text then how to plot the points on the coordinate plane and how to graph an equation is is the power point presentation, last is a fun game to practice the basics to what we learned.

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Vocabulary for 4.1

Quadrant: the four quarters of the graph starting in the top right quarter at I and going counter-clockwise to II, III, and IV.

x-axis: The horizontal (right-to-left) line dividing the graph 

y-axis: The vertical (up-down) line dividing the graph

Ordered Pair: Where to plot the coordinates along the x-axis and y-axis in the order (x,y)

Origin: Where the graph begins a the ordered pair (0,0)

Table of values: Also known as an input output table where you plug multiple numbers into an equation as x to solve for y. An example would be y=2x+1, you could put 1 in for x and have y=2

4.1 Power Point

A slide show on lesson 4.1

Billy Bug 2: Billy Bug and His All New Quest for Grub

Below is a link for a game called Billy Bug 2: Billy Bug and His All New Quest for Grub.  It will help you learn the basics of plotting ordered pairs on a coordinate plane.