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4.3-Graph Using Intercepts

4.3-Graph Using Intercepts

Author: Hannah S

I hope that people learn how to find and graph x and y intercepts after looking at my packet.

In my packet, I give definitions necessary for understanding this chapter. I also give examples of how to solve an equation for finding x and y intercepts and how to graph them.
I also included a game that would help the viewer understand this lesson more.
There are two different forms of media in this packet, text and slideshow.

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Learn about the vocabulary terms that are important to understanding this lesson!

Lesson 4.3 – Graph using Intercepts

x-intercept: the point where the line crosses the x-axis

y-intercept: the point where the line crosses the y-axis


To find the x-intercept, find the value of x when y=0 in an equation. (Substitute 0 for y)

To find the y-intercept, find the value of y when x=0 in an equation. (Substitute 0 for x)



Find the x-intercept and the y-intercept of the graph 3x+5y=30

3x+5(0)=30                         3(0)+5y=30

  3x=30                                 5y=30

   x=10                                  y=6


Graph the equation 2x+4y=12

2x+4(0)=12                         2(0)+4y=12

  2x=12                                 4y=12

   x=6                                     y=3


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