4.5 Graph Using Slope-Intercept Form

4.5 Graph Using Slope-Intercept Form

Author: Katherine S

Learn how to graph using slope-intercept form.

Includes powerpoint explaining what it means, text explaining how to do it, powerpoint that is interactive, link to a site that explains graphing using slope-intercept form with a video.

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What It Means And How To Do It!

Getting Started

 y=mx+b. b is the y-intercept while m is slope. So to graph using slope-intercept form you put in the slope for m and the intercept for b. So if the equation is y= ½ x+2. ½ is the slope and 2 is the y-intercept. When you graph the equation you put the first point at 2 on the y-axis then you move 1 up then 2 to the right and keep doing that.  

You Give It A Try!

Here is a site that explains graphing slope-intercept form