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46 Hiragana Basic Alphabet

46 Hiragana Basic Alphabet


Complete these 9 learning tutorials as the next step to earn the Basic Hiragana Certificate. I recommend you take them in the order listed. Don't forget to quiz yourself at the end of each tutorial.
Good Luck!

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Hiragana AIUEO

There are 46 basic basic Hiragana in the Japanese Alphabet. We are going to learn the first 5.

They are あAいIうUえEおO.  

1.  A あ is pronounced 'Ah' and we say : A is for Aka the Artistic Acrobat

2.   I い is pronounced 'Ee' and we say : I is for In the Igloo

Watch this Video About the. Hiragana Alphabet

Hiragana starts at あ and ends at ん