4.NF.1 -Understanding equal fractions

4.NF.1 -Understanding equal fractions

Author: Pennie Klepper

Explain why a fraction is equal to another fraction by using fraction models, Students should know that the fractions have different numbers of parts even though the two fractions themselves are the same size. 

By the completion of this unit, students will be able to demonstrate equivalent fractions with the use of fraction models.

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Pre Test

Begin with the pretest - Let’s see what you know before you begin.  Get the pretest from Mrs. Klepper.  You will need to take the test and hand it in.  After Mrs. Klepper has graded it, she will tell you your percentage so you can record it on your chart.  

LearnZillion Lessons

Please log on to Learnzillion.   http://learnzillion.com/ Once you have logged on to LearnZillion, choose your assignment.  Please watch the videos that were assigned to you and complete at least five practice problems from each video.  


After you have completed the practice problems and Mrs. Klepper has given you the okay, you may take your quiz on Learnzillion. 

This video explains equivalent fractions using area models

Quizlet - Practice Problems

Next, you need to log on to Quizlet.  Once logged on, please complete the following Quizlet sets: 


Quizlet - http://quizlet.com/_ia3q8

Quizlet - http://quizlet.com/_ia3vq

See What You Know

If you believe you understand fractions, see Mrs. Klepper for your final test.  Good Luck!