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5-2 milestone

5-2 milestone

Author: robert tatham

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(3)          5-2 Final Project Milestone Four: Annotated Bibliography—In Milestone Four, you’ll submit a list of at least five scholarly references (not including the case study articles) that you will use for your final project and a summary of each. Hint: One of them should be our class textbook. This will help direct you to which resources you should rely on in your final project. (No Wikipedia, blog-type, or social media-type resources count towards the five).
Here is an example of a way you can format your submission in APA style:  Milestone Four Example.pdf 
Be sure to read the Milestone Four Guidelines and Rubric carefully: JUS 305 Milestone Four Rubric.pdf 
The guidelines also provide links to how to put together annotated bibliographies and other examples:           
                          Annotated Bibliographies
Annotated Bibliography Example

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