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5 Essential Learning Questions

5 Essential Learning Questions

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson you will review the 5 essential questions for learning and evaluate how they connect to the work of the PLC.

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Notes on “5 Essential Learning Questions”



(00:14-01:12) What do students need to know and be able to do?

(01:13-01:48)How will we teach them?

(01:49-02:49)How will we know if they can/do?

(02:50-03:45) What will we do if they don’t know, aren’t able?

(03:46-04:21) What will we do if they are already there?

(04:22-04:54) SMART goals

(04:55-05:17) Reflection

(05:18-05:42) Conclusion

Additional Resources

West School District in Kentucky: Navigating Learning Targets

This presentation provides a how-to on connecting learning targets to the essential learning questions (in this instance, using Marzano's questions). The approach used by the district is a practical step by step approach.[1].pdf

Stevenson Elementary School: Professional Learning Communities

This website explains how to use the PLC essential questions to drive improvement. The school also draws connections to Response to Intervention (RTL) and Gifted and Talented in response to the PLC essential learning questions.