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5 Key Questions

5 Key Questions

Author: Amee Wittbrodt
  • Understand, analyze, evaluate, and use different types of print, digital, and multimodal media.
  • Critically analyze information found in electronic, print, and mass media and use a variety of these sources.
  • Investigate the 5 key questions of media literacy.
  • Apply the 5 key questions of media literacy to an advertisement.

This packet will expose students to the 5 key questions of media literacy, show students an example of how to apply the questions, and then give them the opportunity to apply the questions to an advertisement of their choice.

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5 Core Questions

A large part of becoming media literate is gaining the ability to question all forms of media and thinking for yourself.

There are 5 key questions you should ask yourself when viewing media-
1. Who made this message?
2. What techniques are used to attract my attention?
3. How might other people understand this message differently from me?
4. What values are represented in or omitted from this message?
5. Why was this message sent/created?


Take a close look at this ad.  Try to answer the 5 key questions.

Joe Chemo


1. This message was created by an anti-smoking group.
2. It attracts my attention by using a popular symbol in an unusual way. Changing the popular slogan from Joe Camel to Joe Chemo makes me want to read more.
3. People who aren't familiar with Camel cigarettes might not get the point of this ad.
4. This ad values life and is trying to get people to quit smoking by stating one of the risks.
5. This message was created to persuade people to not smoke tobacco.


YOUR TURN- Click here to view the Vuvox Slide Show.

Scroll through the slide show by placing your cursor over the images and moving it to the right. Choose ONE advertisement and answer the 5 key questions.