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5 Principles of Instructional Design

5 Principles of Instructional Design


In this lesson, you will learn about five important principles that are common to most instructional design theories. Knowing these can help you design instruction that results in optimal learning outcomes for your students.

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Understanding Competency-Based Instruction

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Notes on "5 Principles of Instructional Design"

(00:00-00:20) Intro

(00:21-00:33) Objectives

(00:34-02:25) Merrill's First Principle

(02:26-03:07) Merrill's Second Principle

(03:08-03:56) Merrill's Third Principle

(03:57-04:45) Merrill's Fourth Principle

(04:46-06:40) Merrill's Fifth Principle

(06:41-07:30) Review & Reflection

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This is a University of North Carolina web page devoted to the zone of proximal development. This webpage is a useful resources for developing lessons and instruction within the ZPD.

Innovative Learning: Zone of Proximal Development

This page includes a useful infographic and an explanation of the ZPD. It is a helpful planning resource.