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5 Reasons why your Website Needs an Overhaul at Periodic Intervals

5 Reasons why your Website Needs an Overhaul at Periodic Intervals

Author: William Ruiz

You have got your website designed and developed and are now resting easy…..after all, it’s attracting visitors and also facilitating conversions. What more do you want right! But, resting on your website’s laurels is the biggest mistake that you can ever make. 
Your website doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is affected by a range of external forces that have a bearing on its efficiency, functionality and overall popularity. This is why, as a website owner, you need to keep monitoring its results regularly. Any change in its efficiency and popularity is reflected in its results. If there is a palpable dip in its ability to achieve the desired results, you know it’s time for overhauling your website. 
1. To Maintain Technological edge
The web and related technology is in a constant state of flux. New technologies are emerging regularly and many of these technologies are playing a major role in improving the functional efficiency of websites.  You don’t have to overhaul your website every time a new website development technology appears on the scene, but you definitely need to update your website’s technology when it’s past its sell by date. You don’t want your website to use the kind of technology that has become redundant.  Many a times, it’s a new technology, whose use, allows your website to get the edge over its competitors. 

2. To keep up with the latest Designing Trends
Your website should never lose its contemporary look and feel. Of course, if your website’s concept is based on vintage designs, this ‘reason’ is not for you. If your website looks outdated and a relic of the past, it’s not going to be able to attract visitors; the golden rule of website designing is that the design should follow the latest trends. What this means is that your website should have a style quotient in order to succeed. A stylish website design works, but as they say style is temporary, this is why a design that looks extremely tasteful today can become out of fashion tomorrow. 
You need to keep track of the latest web designing trends to ensure the design of your website is trendy. One of the better ways of knowing whether the trend followed by your website’s design is appreciated by your website visitors is by asking for their opinion regarding the same.
3. Constant Evolution Appreciated by Search Engines
Let’s take the example of a website that has content that is constantly updated. In the context of search engines, this is something that is sure to attract the attention of the search engine algorithm while determining the ranking of the website. But, it’s not just your content that needs to be overhauled regularly; even your website’s overhaul contributes towards enhanced search engine rankings. 
Let’s take the example of the page load time of your website. 
Say when you developed your website, you used a wealth of visual elements on your site without concerning yourself about the fact that it’s increasing your page load time. Over time, you also kept adding advertisement on your websites’ pages to earn some extra money. 

4. Regular Visitors Love Seeing Something New Periodically
Your website might be the best thing that its visitors have ever come across on the World Wide Web, but if it keeps offering them the same features, design, and functionality every time they visit it, boredom will set in. If a frequent visitor is bored with your website, it can spell its death knell. In order to avoid this, give your visitor something new periodically. It could be a feature or change in page design or something else. Use your imagination.
5. To Keep Improving User Experience
It is user experience that defines a successful website. Even if your website is earning rave reviews for the quality of its user experience today, this doesn’t mean it will continue to do so tomorrow. As you keep adding data, visual elements, keep making minor changes, there is a chance that its usability will be affected. Also, some of its crucial components can lose some of their efficiency over time. For e.g. over time, the navigation structure on your website can appear confusing or outdated. This can affect the user experience of your site.
In conclusion 
The fact that we have offered just five reasons doesn’t mean that there are just five reasons why your website needs to be updated periodically. You need to keep looking for telltale signs that your website is not functioning at optimum levels. These signs are your cue, for getting your website overhauled.

Author: William Ruiz - mobile application developer from YunoApp. Read more about Building a Brilliant Shopping App on official YunoApp mobile application development company blog.

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