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5 rules of quality and professional speech?

5 rules of quality and professional speech?

Author: Posla Radlow

A good speech must catch the attention of your audience and glue them to their seats. It must be delivered in such a way that your audience will hear and understand the message clearly.

If you are planning on giving a speech soon and you don't know how to go about it, then this article is for you. I will be discussing the 5 rules that will enable you to give a quality and professional speech.

5 Rules Of Quality And Professional Speech

Speech writing is the art of developing content for your speech. Mastering how to write good content will help you to perform better at writing - personality development. Below are the 5 rules of quality and professional speech.

1. Analyze Your Kind of Audience

If you want to give a speech, it is necessary that you define the type of audience you will be addressing. What is their class or level in society? Having your audience in line would help you choose the perfect tone and style with which you want to pass your information. If you are to speak at a health convention, you will need to be more elaborate with certain medical terms that a layman may find difficult to understand.

Also, analyzing your audience helps you to understand the length of words to use while speaking. A welcome speech doesn't have to bear the same length as that of the closing one. Don't assume anything about your audience; always be clear about your findings.

2. Be Specific

A good speech should talk about a specific subject. At this point, you do not want to confuse your audience with irrelevant messages. For example, if you're going to speak on digital marketing, you can decide to pick out a branch of digital marketing, let's say copywriting. Try to be more elaborate while ensuring that every word you write is geared towards making your audience understand what you're speaking about. In other words, let every word support your topic.

3. Grab the Attention of Your Audience

As you already know, "attention-grabbing" is a skill you must possess as a speaker. However, if you are a speechwriter, and I ask you to write a speech for me, the first thing you would need to do is to think of how you can grab my listener's attention. To achieve this, you should start it with either storytelling, talk about a specific location, or ask relevant questions.

4. It Must Be Well-structured

The importance of structuring a speech cannot be overemphasized. How can this be done? By having a clear definition of what you want to achieve. What is the purpose of your speech? Are you looking to inform, educate, entertain, or persuade your audience? Ensure that you answer this question, and then tailor your outline to meet your goals.

Depending on what you hope to achieve, asking questions, conversational tones, the introduction of facts, and standing firm on an ideology are part of the several strategies that you can employ for successful delivery.

5. End with a Great Conclusion

Just like your first few opening lines, your conclusion should be able to leave your audience wishing that you never end it. Always remember to keep it short, straight to the point, and of course, memorable.

If you need speech writing help, the question that will be bothering your mind is, "Who will write me a speech?" There are many professional speech writing services online. It is advisable to do your research and go for the credible ones.


Before writing a speech, there are many things you must consider. The target audience and what knowledge they have will play an important role in how you structure your content. Overall, your content must be clear and look interesting to your audience. It should not bore them at any point. This article has given the tips you need to come up with quality and professional speech.

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