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5 Things Nobody Tells You about Essay Writing

5 Things Nobody Tells You about Essay Writing

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Writing is hard even for professional writers. If you are a student, the chances are that you feel a certain degree of dread when you are asked to work on your assignments. That said, there are some secret tricks that can make the process a lot easier for you. In this post, we are going to discuss a few things about essay writing that nobody will tell you. 

1. The beginning should be consistent with the end

If you know beforehand how you are going to draw a conclusion to the essay, you will not lose track while you write the essay. Without this, you will end up writing irrelevant things and making your essay weak.

Good writing takes a lot of practice. The process is also time-consuming, and that is why many busy students use professional writing services to get their papers written. The best way to learn about writing service is to read a review. Some of the best essay tips reviews are available online, and these reviews help students make informed decisions about writing services.

You may get stuck in the middle when you have no direction you are heading. Eventually, you may be able to find your way, but the process will take a lot of time. So, if you have a tight deadline, you should have some idea of how you are going to get it done.

2. Title gives the first impression

If you are writing the title of your essay the same way as others are writing, your essay will not stand out from the crowd. To make it notable, try to give it a striking title. Play with words and find ways to make the title interesting. If you read the works of great writers, you will find that great writers use catchy titles. 

Remember, you are writing the essay to pull the readers in. If you read the titles of some great essays, you will find that many of them are written in the interrogative form. When it comes to writing, there are no hard and fast rules. You will have to find out what works for you. 

3. An essay should begin with a hook

Try to make the beginning of the essay as interesting as possible. The first sentence can be a quote, a question or a controversial statement. If the first sentence is boring, the chances are that many of your readers will not continue reading the essay. 

But writing an interesting first sentence is not enough. You have to make sure that it is illuminating, and it gives an idea of the main tone of your essay. If you pay attention to Malcolm Gladwells work, you will derive a lot of inspiration in this regard.

4. A writer should also be a reader

To be able to touch the curiosity of your readers, you will have to put yourself into your readers’ shoes. Being a good reader is the precondition of being a good writer. Try to understand how your readers will perceive your essay, and try to get in tune with their feelings. Even if you are using the best essay writing service, eventually, you will have to learn the art of great writing.

Make sure there is a smooth flow from paragraph to paragraph. If you use quotes, make sure they are highly relevant to the point you are trying to make. Address questions properly and restrain yourself when using humor. Feel free to use anecdotes, but make sure that they are short and relevant.

5. A good ending is of utmost importance

No matter how good your essay is, it will not have a lasting impression on your readers if it has a rubbish ending. By writing a crappy ending, you can literally spoil a well-written essay. Make sure the conclusion of your essay is consistent with the opening paragraph.

And if you find the process too intimidating, you can seriously consider using a writing service. It is not hard at all to find the best online essay writing service to get your paper written.

These are just a few secrets of essay writing, but obviously, there are many more. As you write more and more, you will find your own ways to improve writing. We hope you will experiment with different styles and find your own voice.

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