5.3 Write Linear Equations In Point-Slope Form

5.3 Write Linear Equations In Point-Slope Form

Author: Matt L

Write equations in Point-slope form and figure out how to convert point-slope form to slope-intercept form.

There is a PowerPoint explaining the lesson and text with some problems to work out.

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5.3 Problems

Put this point and slope into Point-slope form    Put these point and slope into Point-Slope form, then convert to Slope-intercept form

1. M=3   (3,5)                                                      3. M=1/2  (-4,5)

2. M=2  ( 7,4)                                                      4. M=-3  (8,-2)






Answers                                                             Answers

1. y-5= 3(x-3)                                                    3. y-5= 1/2(x-5)

                                                                             y-5= 1/2x-2.5

2. y-4= 2(x-7)                                                       y= 1/2x+3.5


                                                                       4. y+2= 3(x-8)

                                                                          y+2= 3x-24