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5T4 Fab V18-SEA/E-120

5T4 Fab V18-SEA/E-120

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5T4 Fab V18-SEA/E-120

Naptumomab estafenatox (ABR-217620) is a drug being developed for the treatment of various types of cancer, such as non-small cell lung cancer and renal cell carcinoma. ABR-217620, a recombinant fusion protein consisting of an antigen-binding fragment of a monoclonal antibody that binds to tumor-associated meconium trophoblast glycoprotein antigen 5T4, which is attached to a mutant form of the Staphylococcus entertoxins A and E (SEA/E-120) superantigens, with immunomodulatory and anti-tumor activity. The Fab part of Naptumomab estafenatox binds to 5T4, which is an antigen expressed by various tumor cells. In turn, superantigens bind to major histocompatibility complex class II molecules and T cell receptor β chains, resulting in massive activation of T lymphocytes and inducing effective T cell mediated tumor cell killing.

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