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6-3: Percents GREATER than 100%!

6-3: Percents GREATER than 100%!

Author: Stephanie Carty
  • Represent and describe what a percent greater than 100% looks like.
  • Convert percents greater than 100% to their decimal equivalents.
  • Solve problems involving percents greater than 100%.


  • 7.NS.A.3: Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving the four operations with rational numbers.


  • What does it mean to have more than 100% of something?
  • What do you notice about the decimal equivalent of a percent greater than 100%? How is it different than the decimal equivalent of a percent between 1% and 100%?
  • When solving equations involving more than 100%, what is the relationship between the part and the whole?
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The video I originally uploaded with this tutorial seemed to have an issue with its sound (it wasn't loud enough!),

so I have re-recorded the video to increase the volume.

If you had trouble hearing the video before, try watching it again now! :)



Let's investigate percents greater than 100%!

As you watch the following video, take some notes. Write down anything that you think may help you understand the topic. 


Don't forget, the best part about watching a lesson video versus watching a lesson in class is that you can "pause the teacher."

If you need to write something down or think about something for a minute, pause the video! If something wasn't clear, watch the video (or certain sections of the video) again!


You may use your notes to help you with the 4 question quiz included in this tutorial.


We may have a quiz on the material you learned in this lesson as a class warm-up; you may use your notes for that quiz, too!

(If you don't take notes, you won't have anything to help you with the warm-up quiz!)



Source: Video created by S. Carty (2014) using Wacom Bamboo Tablet and Quicktime screen capture software.

Here is a transcript of the example used in the video. Practice coding the question in your notes!

It is Lauryn's little brother's birthday next week. As she is searching for a gift for him, she finds a toy alligator that grows when you put it in a container of water. The alligator in the package is 2 inches long. The label does not mention how long the alligator will be when it is done growing, but Lauryn does see that the label claims the alligator's final size will be 650% of its original size. Lauryn wonders... what will the alligator's final length be once it is done growing in the container of water?