6-4: Percents LESS than 1%!

6-4: Percents LESS than 1%!

Author: Stephanie Carty
  • Represent and describe what a percent less than 1% looks like.
  • Convert percents less than 1% to their decimal equivalents.
  • Solve problems involving percents less than 1%.
  • What does it mean to have less than 1% of something?
  • What do you notice about the decimal equivalent of a percent less than 1%? How is it different than the decimal equivalent of a percent between 1% and 100%?
  • When solving equations involving less than 1%, what is the relationship between the part and the whole?
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Let's investigate percents less than 1%!

As you watch the following video, take some notes. Write down anything that you think may help you understand the topic.


Don't forget, the best part about watching a lesson video versus watching a lesson in class is that you can "pause the teacher."

If you need to write something down or think about something for a minute, pause the video! If something wasn't clear, watch the video (or certain sections of the video) again!


You may use your notes to help you with the 4 question quiz included in this tutorial.


We may have a quiz on the material you learned in this lesson as a class warm-up; you may use your notes for that quiz, too!

(If you don't take notes, you won't have anything to help you with the warm-up quiz!)

Now that you've watched the video, here is a transcript of the example. Practice coding the question in your notes!

The population of New York State is approximately 19,000,000 people. New York's capital city, Albany, has a population that is approximately 0.5% of the state's population. What is the population of Albany? How does Albany's population compare to the state's population?