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6-4 Triangle Midesegments (Geometry due: Friday 11/21) (PAP due: 11/15)

6-4 Triangle Midesegments (Geometry due: Friday 11/21) (PAP due: 11/15)

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I wanted to use this lesson to show you the plethora of videos that can be found on sites such as YouTube!

Below are 3 videos that I found simply by searching "Triangle Midsegments".


-The first video should be be in your notes. It comes from Brightstorm which I really like. Very quick and easy teacher to understand.

-The second video is strongly recommended although you will already have the notes from the first, so nothing more to write down. The guy on that video can be funny, and a lot of the comments are positive. I have browsed several of his videos and they are great for review and hearing the material a second time.

-The third video is similar to what I make, and I like it too. At 3:05 on the video he starts talking about our next unit of study, so that will not be in this unit, but it's a great intro if you are interested!

All together the 3 videos time in at 4 seconds less than 9 minutes (8:56). I'm hoping you'll see how much there is out there and how easy it is to find additional help. (Yes, this requires effort and fortitude on your part, and as an educator, it is my job to teach you this!)

Lesson Video 1

Take notes from this video. Make sure you have the diagram and the 2 main points in your notes!

I guess this video is not able to be embedded. Just click on the link to watch it on YouTube!

Lesson Video 2

I think this guy teaches in Alabama. Although he is no Mr. Butterbaugh, I think I would have liked to have him as a math teacher. What do you think?

Lesson Video 3

@ 3:05 on this video, he goes into Triangle Congruence, our next unit to study!