6-5 Solving Polynomials by Finding all Zeros

6-5 Solving Polynomials by Finding all Zeros

Author: Danny Whittaker
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This will have 3 videos eventually.  Other two will follow a bit later.  Need to watch the first one (~15 minutes) and the second one (~8 minutes).  Would be best if you can watch the third as well, but if you are overloaded and want to save it for the first part of class tomorrow that is acceptable.

Please also leave a comment of some form about the content of the videos.  Concepts you are unsure of.  Parts of the video you liked or didn't like.  Whatever, just something to help me know you have actually watched the videos. I know I'm posting this late, so I won't hold it against students that miss the note, but please get in the habit of doing this!

Finding Zeros by Dividing

Starts with a method to figure out all the possible rational zeros. Then uses division to check each zero and simplify the polynomial as you go.

6-5 Finding Roots Using a Table

Here I use Excel to find the zeros easily. You can also use your calculator to check each of the possible zeros.

More Complicated Example With a Quadratic Term

What happens when the last factor is not linear?