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6 Facts That Will Help You to Survive Your First Year in College

6 Facts That Will Help You to Survive Your First Year in College

Author: Jeff Morris

1. The chase is no longer about being “the best”

This kind of goes with the previous one, but, if you were like me in high school, you chased everything, like the valedictorian spot, the presidency in every club you were a part of, all the scholarships, all the awards, etc. But in college, people care more about your expertise. They would rather see you with a 3.2 GPA, being really active in lots of clubs, having leadership roles, and maybe taking some creative ventures or a job, than with a 4.0 GPA and you went to that volunteer event once. Learn to figure out what the best you look like, then be that.

2. The more time you dedicate to a job, the more likely it is that your GPA will drop and stress levels will rise

If you were a 2.0-2.5 student and getting a job helps you get motivated and more scheduled, I believe this could get you to a 2.75-3.25ish. If you are a 3.4-4.0 student, I think that a part time job can really bring down your GPA or add more stress to maintaining it, and definitely not raise it. Choose carefully, because I chose wrong when I tried to maintain a job as well as my high GPA. I decided to use the essay writing service since my deadline was approaching. But I made a big mistake when asked Paperrater for help, the paper was terribly written so I should rewrite everything by myself. I wish a had found Paperrater reviews before it happened. A quick tip from me: read the reviews before choosing professional help to find the reliable one.

3. You will miss having a car, but you will not need one

I can’t tell you how many times during my freshman year in college, how much I missed just getting in a car and driving around because I could. I liked driving, and I missed my old truck that was the first major purchase I made. But, I wasn’t naive enough to not realize that I clearly did not need one. When I can walk everywhere I need to be in 15 minutes and get rides home from my parents, there was no need for the $500-an-academic-year parking pass plus gas expenses.

4. It’s not too early to study abroad

It’s a great way to meet people, get involved in your major, network with professors, expand your horizons, and travel really, really cheap at a time in your life and schedule that is convenient. As for balancing studies and traveling, essay writing services reviews will help you to find assistance.

5. You will probably get hopelessly lost on campus

Okay, maybe this is just a largest-public-university-in-the-nation problem or a girl-with-no-sense of direction problem, but still, I doubt that I am in the only one. My advice? Always make sure your phone is charged and able to utilize GPS services, ask your direction-savvy roommate for directions before you leave the dorm, and always stay on main roads or on paths that you know at least a little.

6. It will go faster than you expect

Welcome week, and then joining clubs, and then switching roommates, and then exams, and then final exams, and then holiday breaks, and then travel, and then start again, and then more club stuff, and more parties, and moving out, and woah freshman year is over. Just like that.

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