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+ Kinetic vs Potential Energy Kinetic vs Potential Energy

Author: Jason Fritz
Description: Differentiate between kinetic and potential energy and analyze situations where kinetic energy is converted to potential energy and vice versa.

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Lab: Ball Drop

Essential Question: I can track the conversion of gravitation potential energy into kinetic energy.


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Teacher Instruction Clips

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BrainPop: Potential Energy

Video shows how potential energy changes depending upon an object's position and condition.


Source: McGraw/Hill

The Story of Potential & Kinetic Energy

Road Runner & Coyote: Potential & Kinetic Energy

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Gravitational Potential, Elastic Potential, and Kinetic energy found in the movie Hoodwinked.

Source: Hoodwinked

Online Physics Lab- Amusement Park Physics

Gravity Free Fall

Amusement Park Physics

Roller Coaster

Rollercoaster Games
Race around all day long on your very own rollercoaster. You can make the climbs as steep as you like, the corners as fast and be sure to make people really nauseous by including some loopings.

A POV on the roller coaster Incredible Hulk.

World's Craziest Roller Coasters -- FAK #29

Source: Vsauce

Roller Coaster Lab

Design a roller coaster using pipe insulation, clear tubes, masking tape, a marble, your table, and a chair (optional). The roller coaster should begin high and end on the floor. After your roller coaster has been built and tested, make the appropriate measurements/calculations.


OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version - Official

The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge

Source: Red Bull

Safari Montage Video

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Energy: Potential & Kinetic

In Energy: Potential & Kinetic, students discover that kinetic energy is related to objects in motion while potential energy is stored, just waiting to be put to use. Explore how increasing potential energy translates to more kinetic energy with compelling, real-life examples. Fast-paced visuals illustrate how these forms of energy are related and how stored energy is continually converted to moving energy and back again. In a fun experiment, students investigate the effect of gravity on an object's potential energy and learn how to measure the energy of objects by determining their mass, speed and position. Part of the multivolume Energy in Action Video Series.

24 min 29 sec.

Source: Safari Montage